Just Diagnosed, now what?

I have been having neck pain the last 5-6 years and recently (finally) got around to getting it checked out by a doctor. After getting some really ambiguous feedback from my primary care doctor, and the referred orthopedic surgeon, I pushed for an MRI so that I could rule out anything serious/hopefully get an actual label to put on my problem. Long story short: it came back that I had Chiari.

My experience with my HMO has been nothing short of humiliating, enraging, defeating, and depressing. I have received very little guidance on the matter, and have also been sent to nothing but utterly disappointing and seemingly unqualified doctors--my recent visit to the neurosurgeon, for example, who refused to answer any of my questions about symptons I am suffering through (there are a lot), and told me "whoever diagnosed your MRI is DRAMATIC, your big problem is that you have a bad neck. Improve your posture, CASE CLOSED!". After some research on that particular surgeon, I found that he has a long history of treating patients in that manner is not well liked, nor does he have a positive reputation when it comes to results .

Sorry to babble on and on here, but mainly I'm trying to ask you guys if you can please guide me as to what the correct progression of diagnosis/treatment is. What type of doctor should the first doctor I see be? Neurosurgeon? What should I expect after that?

Also, I have my first appointment with my HMO's provided pain management doctor tomorrow. Any advice? What type of pain meds does everyone else take? Most pain killers with acetominophen make me horribly sick to my stomach, so I had my ortho write me a script for roxicet (oxycodone with little to no aceto.), but from what I understand, that's a schedule 2 narcotic and it's a slippery slope to request it as such (being labeled a pill-seeker).

Sorry for the length of the post, thank you all for the kind welcome messages and support.

I think you're usually allowed to request a 2nd opinion by an hmo. it would be great if a chiari specialist is allowed, but I think most are ppo, not hmo. also, try Neurontin for nerve related pain, and it helps sleep. it's not a narcotic, and is easy to get.

Hey there! I would go with a second and even a third opinion. What type were you diagnosed with? Its should have a number from 1-4 attached to the "chiari diagnosis." You are on the right track as far as going with a neurosurgeon, however the one that you talked to doesn't seem to be on the right track. Seek out another. It may feel little overwhelming I'm sure (going to all these docs and having to explain yourself over and over again)...BUT be patient and stay positive. You will find the doctor you need. As far as pills go, its unfortunate that we have a "pill epidemic" going on because of lots of illegal prescription users, and I'm sure you will get those funny looks as I once did. Only you truly know what type of pain you are in and you as a patient should be able to get whatever it is that helps you, without abusing them of course. I've tried a number of different medications, and they all will have some type of side affects, choose the one that best suits you where as you are able to function. There are lots a non narcotic meds that may work wonders for you. Now I'm babbling, lol. Good luck with all! Feel free to reach out, and stay positive! DC from Chicago.