In Michigan, need advise

Last year I had a cervical MRI that noted tonsillar ectopia at 5mm. This was considered an incidental finding at the time but I still followed up with 2 neurosurgeons for evaluation. The first neurosurgeon, Dr Gilmer, said I had a 9.04mm herniation, no syrinx but had chiari, she referred me to pain mgt as a first step. I was then told about Dr Ghaus Malik, a neurosurgeon at Henry Ford, and figured I’d see him just for a second opinion. Dr Malik said the herniation was between 3 - 5mm, tonsils weren’t pointed and good csf flow, he said no chiari. Since I was in the process of having heart ablations for an arrythmia at the time I forgot about the chiari. I’m 52 years old and played sports, went boating, etc and never had symptoms of chiari. Now just 9 months after my heart ablation I am having strange back problems where it feels that my muscles or spine are/is moving… like a wave motion in my back that keeps going all day. It started in my thoracic and is now in my lumbar. My back feels unstable although I can stand just fine. The constant motion in my back makes me feel light headed. I’ve been to every kind of Dr I could think of and nobody has ever heard of this. So now I am wondering if it’s from the herniation. I had new mris of my brain and my neck done and reviewed by a neurologist who refers his surgery patients to Dr Gilmer. His opinion is no chiari… in contradiction with the neurosurgeon he refers his surgical patients to. Both the brain and cervical mris say 5mm tonsillar ectopia. I then had the same mris reviewed by a third neurosurgeon who said 5mm herniation, rounded tonsils, good csf flow… his opinion is no chiari. From research, I know Dr Gilmer and Dr Malik both specialize in chiari. I don’t know what to think at this time. I’m not sure if the symptoms I’m having are caused by the herniation or if it’s something else. Any suggestions about the differing opinions? Has anyone experienced the strange back symptom I’m having? Thank you so much for your help.

Hi! I personally did not have any symptoms relating to my back/spine prior to my surgery. My main symptoms were migraines, a throbbing pain at the lower right side of my skull as if I’d been hit there, what felt like a build up/pressure of fluid in my neck at the base of my skull (and would feel a release when I’d crack my neck) and lightheaded-ness.
I did however get some back pain that I’m dealing with now after my surgery, but I think it’s just from the uncomfortable sleeping positions I was in post op :frowning: have you checked maybe with a chiropractor? That sounds so stressful and painful! I hope you’re able to get relief soon​:heart: