I respect medical professionals (I think) but

Is there a course in med school called “chiari 101: this can’t be causing the patients symptoms” I mean seriously. Seeking a second opinion locally before traveling to see a neurosurgeon and was told the chiar can’t be causing my dizziness, head pressure, ringing in ears, fatigue, and walking difficulty.this neurosurgeon came highly recommended by a dr friend of a friend. Next please…

Yes Nikki, NEXT! All of your are Chiari related

I wish Chiari was not so tricky with its presentation. You have your primary Chiari symptoms like the head ache and hand weakness and then you have all the secondary symptoms (balance and vision problems) that are not unique to Chiari but are shared by lots of conditions where the brain is stressed. It does not make it easy by any means. It is too bad that psychological problems becomes the fall back diagnosis.

Carry on to someone more knowledgeable! Good Luck

Definitely get a second opinion my first doc told me it was all in my head and I should stop reading about what the symptoms could be and focus on what they are. I had similar symptoms as well dizzy here and there, crazy head pressure, fatigue and depending on the day my legs just didn't really want to work much and I had to force my legs to move to walk. I went to a new neurologist who sent me to a neurosurgeon to get a baseline and the neurosurgeon recommended surgery right away. I had the decompression surgery in June and most of the symptoms are pretty much gone. I do have some fatigue and trouble walking here and there when I push myself to far. (I can tell when I'm getting close to over doing it get extremely fatigued, but have pushed thru and then regretted it). I've been told that the syrinx could take up to a year to go away possible longer. I am still on lots of meds but hope to wean off after my neck appointment in February. Tried to wean a few months back but was still having arm pain. I feel 100 times better than a year ago for sure. I could barely make it to lunch prior to surgery without being in tears and was on lots of Norco and the other meds as well. Now I am Norco free and can get thru a whole day no problem. Hope your next doc helps. Good luck, thoughts and prayers.