I am sooo PISSED!

OK, so went to my GP, for I guess, some kind of verification that my symptoms are expected, dont freak, kinda thing. I asked if she thought that my car accident could have caused this...she says oh, no, you have had this for years, probably your entire life. It has been in all of your MRI's. But since you didnt show any symptoms, I didnt see the need to tell you. WTF?!?!?!? no symptoms???? SHE THOUGHT I HAD MS, TWICE!! I was laid up for 9 months once with dizziness and nausea. I could barely stand ffs!! Back pain, neck pain, I mean jesus wept, shes had me on narcotics for pain for 10 friggin yrs now and she says I havent shown any symptoms???? Really this shouldnt surprize me, when i saw a speacilist 4 yrs ago he diagnosed me with fibro, and when I told my GP what he said she says oh, I knew you had that yrs ago, but you had enuff on your plate with your back problems so i didnt see any good coming out if it to tell you......now before you say holy crap, get a new doctor, there arent any. LITERALLY, the small town i live in we have a dr shortage, we have 9 doctors for 10,000 people. So if I drop her, with all the issues I have, I will never get the referrals and prescriptions I need. But, damn I am mad, and I will address it just going to wait to see what the neuro says next thursday.

Thanks for letting me vent, cheers!


For once...I am speechless!! So sorry you have these inept doctors...I live in a 'village' of 6500 people....I know what you mean about lack of doctors.

Is there a large city hospital w/i driving distance???

Now you are seeing the neuro next Thursday..is he a neurologist or neruosurgeon??? I think I mentioned this b4.....personally, I had no luck with NL's...all poo-pooed...Chiari and said it wasn't the cause of my numerous sx's....I am not sure how your Health Care works in Canada....can you by-pass the NL and make your own appt. with NS without a referral???

Keep us updated...also ..VENT AWAY..we are all in this together and here for one another..glad you are with us..sorry for all the stuff you have to deal with..Just know you are not alone.



Hi Lori, and Abby,

Thanks for the support and advice, I will try to follow it, LOL

Lori, I am not sure if he is a NL or NS, but I suspect he is a NS, because when he said he was sending me to St Boniface Hospital for the MRI because he has operating privileges there, that makes me assume he is a NS. I will find out on thursday.

hugs n love



Be sure to bring a list of all your symptoms next Thurs.....if your anything like me...you may forget one or 2 things....list everything..even if you feel as though it is not related to Chiari...b/c it very well may be.

Hugs to you too!!!


I’m so sorry. I sure don’t understand why your GP wouldn’t tell you something like this. Hugs!

My PCP doesn’t know much about chiari but has been very supportive. When she did my pre-op physical she asked me how they determined my CSF flow was bad. I had to explain a CiNE MRI to her.

Hope you can find some answers from a specialist! Hang in there!



I sure hope I never get cancer, cuz she might not see the need to inform me of that either......I just dont get how a dr can make the decision as to what is relevant to tell you about your own body and what isnt.....im really mad about this....

ps thanks all, for your support and kind words, I truly appreciate all of you!!



Hi Lilly. What is the deal with these doctors??? They all seem to follow the same ignorant path. I really just don't get it. Most of us, if not all of us have been told a variation of what you were told. How dare this doctor withhold information from you. Meanwhile, you've been wondering all the while what the heck was wrong. Keep fighting Lilly and don't stop. We're all here for you.

Christine :)

I think you should get a copy of your medical records from that doctor, to make sure she didn't keep anything else from you. And good luck with your appointment!


thats a great idea Christie, problem might be, they charge you for every page…and mines as thick as the bible, lol it could end up costing me hundreds…

I don't get it either. I had a similar situation as yours and I just don't understand. Isn't there some kind of law or something that they have to tell you something like this if they find it? I mean if they find a tumor and mostlikely it is begign do they just not tell you as well?!? I mean if it's there and that not what you are there for when you go for a check up or a general cold visit...do they just not tell you. I know it seems a bit harsh, but what other kinds of things can Dr.'s get away with NOT telling you that you have. I mean if a brain hernation isn't all that important to tell someone and they can let it go for years without say something, because it is probabally not causing your problems, then what else can they get away with not telling you until it is too late? Just curious? I'm not trying to get you all wriled up, but I really want to know if anyone know what Dr.'s LEAGALLY have to disclose in their findings to you of your own person? Anyone know? Abby?? LOL Just kidding, but if someone does really know I would love to hear it.

Good Luck and I share your frustration. Maybe Chiari will someday become as commonly known as Breast Cancer or Chicken Pox. Hopefully by then it will become more rare for people like us.

Much Love and Many Blessing,