Hello everyone. I am now alittle under 4 mos from having my surgery. I am still off work and am doing my physical therapy 2x a week. im doing my best to walk alittle everyday. I dont lift anything to heavy so I have been doing everything possible to heal. My concern is this, I am still in alot of pain and have recently having problems with my left arm. I cannot rotate it. I lift it half way and feel this terrible pain. Im also still having severe neck pain , vision problems, ear pain, overall sick feeling. Im seeing a new neurologist in sept but it feels so far away. Im beginning to wonder what this neurologist can do for me when all the others couldnt helpi have been so physically active all my life. Now I have a hard time just getting out of bed. Something just feels wrong. Ive also been givin so many different types of meds over the course of 6yrs that honestly I dont think any of them has truly helped with this kind of pain. I want to be happy and healthy and enjoy my days just having a hard time. I thank you all for being here

Robin, so sorry you are still feeling bad. What does your surgeon say about your post op symptoms? Curious, did you have a duraplasty along with your decompression? Have you had a post op MRI? Also I agree with Abby about the shoulder- could be unrelated to the chiari.



I am sorry about your shoulder pain. My right neck, shoulder and arm was affected. I had to have a ablation to help with the constant pain. I would definitely follow up with my NS. Who is doing your post surgical care? You might want to consider seeing a Pain Mgmt. Dr.

I had a duraplasty done as well as a stenosis inthe c3 c4 that my doc had to shave aliitle to help The nerve. I also had a 3 level anterior diskectomy fusion c4 to c7

Did you have your rib harvested? I did and that made my shoulder and back for the longest time hurt terribly bad.

Hi Robin,

I was curious about this myself and looking to post some where ...

I am 8 months out from surgery and starting to back slide again, I am a single Mom who used to be very active also and it's killing me I cant keep up or do the things for my kids I used too..

I have learned some days I am going to be down and that is a fact but good day's I pace myself not to cause a flare up..

I am so sorry you're having pain and problems and understand how you feel...

Remember to give yourself a break it's not like we asked for this to happen!!

Have a Blessed weekend,


Thank you all for respondong to my post. to some Of your questions i did have a duraplasty done and a stenosis that was drilled out in order to help with The nerve being to narrow. I can come to terms with chiari but what im havong ahard time with is these lingering symptoms and thos new pain involving my left arm. These other symptoms still include: vision problems (i cant focus or see clearly), hearing(cant even hear my own voice), severe stiffness in my neck and trapezios muscles in both shoulders, memory issues (its not remembering but remembering and hearing too much). I also feel like im living out Of my own body. I know this all sounds crazy it feels crazy to me. my ns said my healing looked very good as i seen The mri but now my pain mgmt doc is trying to treat The pain with meds. That would be great if they worked but once agaiin what is causing this much pain. I see another neurologist in sept & hopefully i can get some answers. just feels along way off. Than you all for your love and support. This was alot to share but thats whats on my mind this morning

Hang in there Robin, your doing the right thing by continuing to move forward. Keeping you in my prayers ok.


You had pretty extensive C Spine surgery. It is natural to have a different symptom pattern and recovery. May I ask what medications they have you on? Your neck, shoulder & arm pain have been explained from your neck surgery. Your Vision , hearing & memory problems may be medication induced. Did you have Intracranial hypertension or blocked CSF pre surgical? Ask your pain mgmt dr. about nerve blocks or ablation therapy for your neck, shoulder & arm pain. I am surprised they haven't ordered a nerve conduction studies yet. The ablation stopped my shoulder and arm pain unless I am very fatigued and helped my neck pain. I am so sorry you are feeling so very bad. Please know I understand.

Tracy Z.

I understand the feeling of living outside your body this was a weird symptom I had since my chiari became symptomatic a couple of years ago post fall I always felt like I was in a bubble looking in in things and felt my head was detached from my body. This only added to my misdiagnosis of anxiety I think everyone thought I was crazy. Will see if it improves I’m 3 weeks post decompression. For your neck are you doing gentle Range of movement exercises and stretches??

Racheaj than you for responding. This symtom Of out Of body is so bizarre. Thank you again for validation that. I so hoe your recovery goes well. I Am doing pt 2 times a week mostly gentle massaes. My pain seems to be coming from The occipital arra Of my head. Im seeing another neurlogist in sept so hopefully i can get more answers. Love and prayers to you