Having a Neuropsychology test? Any of you have one?

My NS wants me to see a neuropsychology doctor. I find it weird and why? He wants to see if my pain is real or not. It makes me feel like he doesn’t believe me.

Any of you get one done?

I saw a neuropsychologist before I knew I had Chiari. I was diagnosed w/ depression (knew that already), anxiety (knew that already), social phobia w/ avoidance (knew that already), and a cognitive disorder NOS. I had my evaluation w/ him due to lots of memory loss issues though, not pain related.

I was told to see one yesterday by the nl I saw but I will see one if someone qualified enough about
Chiari with syrinx asks me to but no someone associated with her she was a quack and I will not do it. I know I’m in pain and I also had an appointment set up with one through my rhuematologist but when the MRI showed the chiari and syrinx he cancelled that appointment and told me that the neuropsychologist wasn’t needed we now had an explanation for all my symptoms. So I’m not getting on the merry go round with another doctor. Be your own advocate!!!

Pain is subjective. You are the second person that has said to me they had to see a Neuropsychologist to determine if their pain is real. Has the world turned upside down & no one told me? What does your parents think about this? Does any one you have seen or know ever read or talked to another Chiarian. Let me know & you can have my phone number. I will be happy to educate them all. I am so sorry Sydney.