Haveing a hard time dealing and coping how do deal with it

Hi I’ve had my surgery last month in oct but its been so hard dealing with having Chiari malformation because a lot of people don’t get what it is and what happens and since my surgery I’ve had a real hard time coping with it when I first found out all I did was cry I wasn’t showing any symptoms beside a headache for 7days straight the strange thing was I wasn’t scared of the surgery or the cuts or pain I was going to go thru I was scared of the needles (I’m a needle phobic) but recovery has been hard as well I still have stitches and glue sticking out and a hole lot of back pain and a new thing is when I bend down or try to stretch my leg my thigh starts to hurt super bad and it feels like im pulling a muscle and then ill stand up straight. And it will start burning really bad I don’t know it anyone has had the same problem PLEASE SHARE I can’t get the doctor to look at it when I told him he said keep stitching it will go away PLEASE REPLY to me