Fed up and fustrated

So i had decompression surgery in 2009 took a while to recover and felt great but now this year has turned to custard and has been crap. All started in February with chest pains and then they stopped etc then got a second opinion and then found a lump on the chest wall. All tests and scans and everything is all clear so all good but since march/april couldnt eat stomach refused food and struggled to even keen water down. Just started eating yay. But for the 4 months have had a constant headache and no matter what i take or do cant get rid of it. Ended up going to hospital for 5 days had mri and theres no change in pressure or anything so am so frustrating. They gave me sevredol and tramadol to try get rid of it no go. They are now trying me on Topriamate medication but still no change but waiting to see my neurologist as a follow up as well. So over it just want to get back to normal cant concentrate and feel sick and lightheaded and even watching tv and that irritates it. I wish they would of found something but who knows where to from here.
Sorry for long post

So sorry no one has replied, even to give some support. I was DX’d with gastroparesis- very hard to keep food down. Maybe consult w/ a GI to see if you have gastroparesis or another GI issue? There are neurologists who specialize in headaches. I eventually was DX’d w/ vestibular migraines, although I also was DX’s with a “component of chiair headaches”. I am waiting for botox injections for headache pain, after trying several oral meds. I suffer w/ being light-headed, dizziness, etc. - w/o any CSF change. Concentration is also a struggle. I was placed on Provigil to help with alertness, and lack of concentration. TV, bright lights and even florescent lights and external stimuli at stores affect me. It is so discouraging to deal with life-altering symptoms and not understand what is happening to your body. Honestly, most neurologists don’t get it- I am so grateful I found a neurosurgeon who does not skip a beat when listening to and offering help with my symptoms. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I wanted to reply. Every post matters.

I’m sorry your feeling this way. It’s so hard to have an illness that no one really understands. I haven’t had the surgery due to some of the nightmare posts I’ve read. Do you think it could b ur symptoms coming back or new ones forming. Its hard to find the right neurosurgeon as well. I’ve seen 4 & they’ve all had something very different to say.