Dr. Samy Youssef?

Has anybody here seen Dr. Samy Youssef at the University of Colorado in Denver? My doctor said he's going to put a referral in for me to see him, as we're not sure if my insurance will approve an out-of-state referral (I live in Colorado Springs). Just wanted to find out if anybody has ever seen him, and if so, what was your experience like with him? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This is a very late reply but he was a doctor I was planning to see because I thought he also specialized as an ENT, did you have any success seeing him?

Hey Panino, nice to see you back! How are you doing? Did end up having decompression surgery?

Seenie from ModSupport

Hi Panino. Dr. Youssef is actually a neurosurgeon who specializes in skull base surgeries. Last I remember, his knowledge of Chiari is limited, but that could have changed in the last few years. He did my decompression in April 2016, and it went very well. I did regain my symptoms over time, as well as gaining new ones, but unfortunately, that’s just a common risk with the surgery.

I am doing pretty much the same, no surgery here. All neuro’s think that my Chiari is not causing my symptoms.
I’ve learned that I have to keep my head absolutely straight and aligned, otherwise my symptoms are awful. So there’s some progression? Haha
I think I will post a question relating to symptoms and posture if I am unable to find a similar posting

Ahh okay, I was planning to see him or go to Dr. John Oro who is retiring this year, but I still need to get an MRI.
I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms coming back, especially the new ones! I can’t imagine that feeling after having done the surgery. I hope you able to find more relief.

Look for cervicogenic