Doctor says that CM of 3mm - 6mm is normal and would not cause symptoms

I saw a different Nuerologist this week and he said that my CM would not cause any symptoms. Tha I have had it all my life and that if it was the cause of any of my symptoms I would have had them all my life.

Yet my other doctor is looking in the direction of seeing if the CM is causing my symptoms…

Has anyone with a a CM in the range of 3 - 6 mm had symptoms?

I have Kaiser and they keep pushing it off. I am so new to dealing with nuerology I have no clue what all the test and questions mean. I keep asking myself “What are they trying to figure out, are they are trying to get to the bottom of “Migraines” or “Chiari”?” They want me to do accupunture and accupressure. They say Im overweight and thats why I have migraines. I was in good shape all through out elementary school and high school and still had weekly migraines.

Agggghhh… I am just tired of them making excuses and then when a legitimate reson comes along the brush it off like its nothing.

Mind you my mom thinks its the cause of my symptoms, her sister (my aunt) had Chiari and had surgery for it a little over two years ago. I have the same symptoms my aunt had.

I guess its time to search for a doctor at Kaiser who deals with Chiari.

My Chiari is a 4.3 and I have severe headache, pressure, neck pain and my list goes on forever so yea that’s not right! I actually read on a website the other day tht they are considering a Chiari 0 tht would come b4 our Chiari 1 bc so many ppl are having issues with no herniation but as of now it’s " controversial" so well see how tht goes! I know what’s wrong with me even if everyone else is trying to pin it on something else lol my ns said chronic migraines too. My symptoms match and I ask ppl on here if I’m unsure bc they know best for sure! I can just tell, if u research it and compare the way u feel, u know, u know ur body better than anyone so listen to ur self. You can join me in this fight of finding a ns tht will take us seriously and I too need to get a cine MRI so if I find out anything I’ll pass it ur way. Stay strong n trust ur self! Keep us posted

I eel for you. 2 neurosurgeons told me my Chiari was to small but neither of them would tell me how big it is. In the MRI report is say it is larger than 5mm. So I would say as others have your neurologist is wrong. With mine I have symptoms some days are better than others and then days where I am just completely whooped. It is frustrating and depressing at times, but as many have told me get a second opinion, or third or fourth, you get the picture. Also be a strong advocate for yourself. It is hard but from my experience and it hasn't been that long since I have been diagnosed. Educate yourself educate your family and at times you have to educate your PCP. We have all been there and some of us are still getting the run around like you are. Stay strong and welcome. If you need anything just ask, all of us are here to help each other and on days help ourselves. Know you are not alone, we will do what we can to help.



That is old school thinking!!! My chiari was 5mm and I had a ton of symptoms.

I am not shocked that your neurologist said that to you....I saw a few NL's and they told me the same...Have you had a NS(Neurosurgeon) look at the MRI and go over your symptoms with you??

Hang in there. keep us posted.



PS: Ditto what Katie suggests.....ask for CINE

Mine is 3mm and I am having so many symptoms its ridiculous. I hope you can find a provider to work well with you. I’m still searching so I feel for you!


Don't give up hope...personally I would bypass neurologists and go straight to the NS...only wish I had done that....all the hopelessness these NL's caused me.....when in fact ..there was hope for me....and there is for you too!!!!!

In my thoughts and prayers.


ok i didnt read the other peoples posts and honestly i didnt finish reading the original post just read the heading

-----So Iam just gonna say it like i see it---- sorry its my nature LOL ---

and well the doctor who said 3-6mm herniation doesnt cause symptoms is an IDIOT i had a 5mm herniation and it caused a boat load of symptoms and distrupted my life as bad as a 10 mm or higher would for someone else...

the old saying size doesnt matter is true in this case ;) and that NL needs to be educated!!

I agree with Lori Find an NS who knows Chiari and then go from there...atleast then your questions will be (should be) answered!!..but even NS's give you some run around so make sure you do your homework on the NS you chose, & pick one who KNOWS CHIARI you dont need to be screwed with anymore!

Hi overthis. In one of my disucussions recently I talked about the ignorance of NL's & NS's. The drs you saw know nothing about Chiari. Run and don't look back!! Yes, Chiari is something you can have your whole life, I agree with ONLY THAT! However, Chiari can become symptomatic just like that. Mine came from a fall down the stairs. I always had very bad headaches and neck and back pain my whole life. I was an athlete and played hard til 2 years ago when I fell. The symptoms became much worse. I didn't know I had it til they did a brain mri. It showed Chiari, but still the NL says "oh, your symptoms are not coming from that. you've had it your whole life!" At the time, I was just new to educating myself on this disorder and didn't know much about it. So, I didn't question the dr. at the time. Well, I know better now. After seeing three NS's it was very clear that one, neurologists do not know what they are talking about and two, yes, the chiari was indeed causing these very horrible symptoms. Good luck with the other doctor. I sure hope you get the answers you deserve.

Christine XO

Thank you everyone for the feedback. This site is amazing and I have found so many answers just from reading all your stories.

Sounds like my best bet would be to get in contact with a NS and go from there. I still have a few more test my doctor is waiting on, but after reading up on Chiari and hearing everyone ones feedback that my symptoms (daily migraines, dizziness, nausea, extreme feeling of pressure, etc.) are probably the cause of Chiari.

Thank you again everyone!