CINE MRi update - what does this mean

I need an English translation of what the findings are from the report. Here is what I do not understand:


No pulsatile flow is identified posterior to the cerebellar vermis. There is diminished flow through the cerebral aqueduct and foramen of Magendie. Normal pulsatility is seen within the sigmoid and transverse sinuses as well as from the basilar artery.


Absent CSF pulsations posterior to the cerebellar hemispheres and vermis.

I get the normal part, but the rest is, well lets say Greek to me. Help me with translation to our common language please.

Sounds like not all your brain fluids are flowing correctly. Chiari is causing a block in the pipes. My doctor best explained it to me by compairing Chiari with a clogged toilet. The part "There is diminished flow through the cerebral aqueduct and foramen of magendie" just means your Chiari is slowing the fluid flow. Mine 2! The rest I can't translate. Sorry. Hope that helped a little.

Hi Michael....

I get from the report that there is no flow in the posterior area near the cerebellar hemispheres and vermis, normal flow in sigmoid and transverse sinues , diminished flow through the cerebral aqueduct and Foramen of Magendie.

Bottom flow is vermis and diminished flow other places.

When do you see NS???? Let us know....Good luck.



Hi Michael,

This test proves you have slow and dimished flow of CSF going to and from your brain/spine. You needed proof and here it is. NS's cannot disput this diagnostic test. I am sorry you are going thru this but at least you are getting some answers. Is your wife doing ok? My prayers have been with you all.