Chiari & Elher Danlos

I’m new to the group, actually never been in a on line group.
I have Chiari 1 as well as Elher Danlos 1& 2.
50% of all people with Chiari also have Elhers Danlos (also inherited).
Have any of you been diagnosed with EDS?
This diagnoses explains alot of pain & health issues that maybe
Ignored or dismissed by a Neuro doc without a speciality in genetic disorders.
Just wondering, not trying to cause unecessary worry.

Hey Renee.....

I , personally do not have Elher Danlos..but I know some folks here have it. Also another thing that Chiari patients can have is POTS.

If you do a search on our site here you will find more about it.

Have a good weekend.....