Can't believe we pay some of these doctors we see :-(

So, I go to the NL, that guy… Oh man… I just don’t even know what I think/feel right now… I was right! The reason he wanted to talk to me was because I asked the the radiologist measure the herniation. SO, he assured me that Chiari was NOT causing any of my symptoms. Infact, he told referred to another patient he has/once had that only ever got a headache when he played basketball or exerted himself and he had a rather LARGE herniation, nothing like mine, he said…

So, he wants me to do a sleep study, he is sure that because of to the muscle twitching, that is a SURE sign I have some sleep problem!!! (I’m going to humor him and do this because I’ve met my deductable)
he wants me to go to a pain clinic and try and occipital injection which I am totally down for! anything to get rid of my headache!!!

Unfortunately I had my children with me at the appt and was not able to concentrate on the task at hand… (my kids are 2 and 5) and although they were behaving for the most part they were still acting like children and needed to be told to set down and be quiet and so on…
SO I didn’t tell him about my appt with the WI Chiari Center, I’m not sure why, I kinda felt like he would ridicule me for it, so I just didn’t tell him about it. He asked me again about my headaches and kept interupting me so I just stopped and let him talk…

UGH, I don’t know why I am a very STRONG, OUT SPOKEN person, but then I get into the Dr’s office and I turn into a WIMP… WTH is wrong with me… I think part of it, is I typically have my children with me and I can’t necessarily give the Dr a hard time in front of them… I dunno, I’m just disappointed, and now I’m even more anxious to go to WI, he will prob say the same thing…

thanks for reading

Keep your head up! I’m positive you will find some answers. FWIW, my NL is worthless also.




I 100% agree with Diana. Keep your appt with the Chiari Center...I could write a book about all the NL's I saw and how inept they were as far as Chiari goes...I think 90% of us here feel the same way about NL's..IMHO.

Take care,Lori

Thanks Gals!

I just really wish I would have said to him “Oh yeah! Well Dr. H and in WI and Dr. R in SD think that Chiari is what is causing my problems so (and stick out my tongue)” LOL

I don’t know why Dr have us thinking we work for them. BUT they work for US dangit!!! Anyways, I am gonna go see what Dr. H has to say in WI and then get a second opinion JUST to be safe. Not necessarily for myself, but for the folks around me… I am ready to go under the knife today! teeheehee! Thats how crappy I feel, but the folks in my family well some say “do what u gotta do” and others say “I don’t like it, I don’t want u to have surgery” so having 2 Doc suggest it will make it easier for them to accept!!!

Anyways, I think I’m gonna quit this nuero and see if Dr H knows of one in my area that understand Chiari…

I hear you! I have additional testing but so far feel like I have been patronized. I typically avoid going to the doctor. I work with them all day and that is enough for me. At least more work up is being done. The unfortunate thing is so many different symptoms we manifest could be so many other things. For me I know I do not readily seek care. I go for annual stuff, otherwise I generally wait for symptoms to pass. My care is also in the hands of an HMO what is not spent on pts is split amonst the phyisican partners. Will have to press a bit to get what I know I need in the way of work-up. I hear your frustration and I would encourage you to remember without you and others like you and I they have no paycheck.