Can blood Vessels (Capillaries) in eyes thicken due to pressure from chiari?

Hello! I have a question. Does anyone know if Chiari can cause the blood vessels (capillaries) in the back of the eyes to thicken? I have always had low blood pressure or borderline low blood pressure. Have never had high blood pressure. I have had bad pressure in my eyes and ears lately. Especially when I lay down. I've been propping myself up to fall asleep, because the pressure seems to build if I lay flat. I had an eye exam today and the doctor said that the blood vessels were thickened. I am wondering if it because of the pressure I feel in my head from the chiari. Thanks for your time!


Pressure behind the eyes is very common in Chiari, and it is thought that the increased CSF pressure puts extra blood vessel pressure so thickening is expected. Did the doc who examined you offer any explanation for it other than the CM? High BP would do it, but you said you don't have it, and you probably don't have any Diabetes as well.

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The answer is yes. I even have a bent Optic nerve from the pressure. The following links will give you information on how this happens. I am assuming you have had intracranial hypertension. What are your headaches like? Each of the articles discuss headaches. I also have very low blood pressure naturally. Have you ever been dizzy when you stand or feel your heart rate increase? : Read the PDF. Very Interesting. Read the PDF

Here’s another one, cannot post the URL. Go to:
Scroll down to videos
Scroll down to greater metropolitan area
Scroll down to "Hydrocephalus and Intracranial Sinus Thrombosis Associated
with Chiari Malformation and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome"
Dr. Myles Koby

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LOL Beeba! That's funny. I really hope I don't have the Uncle ant test aka spinal tap. I have heard it is a very painful test. I heard from another person in another group that chiari patients shouldn't have spinal taps. I like the no spinal taps for chiari patients theory better. ;) But I guess we have to do what we have to do. I'm liking this chiari malformation less and less by the day! :/

that's weird cause my eye dr told me I had some blockage in my right eye and I should have my cholesterol checked I had been in the hospital for 4 days due to my chiari and I took my lab reports to my regular dr and she said my cholesterol was fine so I don't know if it does have something to due with the chiari or what but my right eye bothers me really bad I am going to a different eye dr today. and since my surgery from the chiari it was January 30 of 2012 I sleep with 2 pillows which are elevated I don't sleep flat on my pillow cause I cant.


4 years ago when I went to see a ophthalmologist at Mass. Eye and Ear. She had told me that this was one of my conditions do to my form of Chiari. My C! and C2 are actually in my head. My brain is the mushroom and my spine is the stem. I have severe balance and eye issues with no chance for surgical correction. I find I have to have my two down pillows to keep my head in good support to sleep. Unfortunately his is just another gem that goes with the condition. God Bless those who can have surgery.

c1 and c2 are in the head i never new that or shall I say my dr never told me that so my eye condition is probably from the chiari maybe that explains some of the pressure that I get on the right side of my ear. would that not show up in a mri or cat scan?

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Yes MRI will show and C scan. I stunned my neurologist. In his 30+ years he hd never seen anything like me. During development my spinal Colom followed my spinal cord. Instead if going outside my body like spina bif. It just went up into my brain. My whole life was mild things I never thought about. After Shannon and John I developed double vision and my balance was gone but I chalked it up to hormones. My girlfriend one of the Docs at my hospital had MRI done that's when it was discovered with no option of surg for me. I just deal best I can. I say but with the grace of God I had 40 years of skiing snow and water, scuba diving, running, surfing and ect.... I have my children to do l that know. Oh ya thank God no headaches