Asymmetrical Herniation?

Hi everyone. I apologize in advance for blowing up the discussion boards today. I have a lot on my mind...literally.

Yesterday, I was able to pick up the report from the brain MRI that was taken on Tuesday of last week. On every MRI in the past, it has said that I have a 5mm herniation. This one is different. I am going to quote from the report here:

"There is a mild Chiari I Malformation with mild tonsillar wedging in the upper cervical canal. Dissent into the upper cervical canal measures 3mm on the left and 7mm on the right."

How is it possible for me to be herniated 4mm more on my right than on my left? Has anyone else seen this on their MRI? What has your neurologist/NS said?

I have an appointment tomorrow with a new neurologist. Hopefully I can get somewhere with him. Wish me luck.

Twitch, hi!!!

Yes , I have heard of folks having asymmetrical herniation.It is treated the same way ...decompression surgery.

I am curious why you are seeing a NL instead of NS???? Good luck at your appt and let us know how you make out.




Please make sure you update us on this appt.

So, tomorrows appt is with a new NL???? Maybe this doctor can point you in the right direction to a good NS....That is awful that none of the 'good NS's" will take you on b/c you have had back surgeries.....This just grabs me...

Good Luck, are in thought and pray.


Yes, I was 8mm on one side and 5 on the other. I had no CSF flow on one side and diminished flow on the other. I had 9 MRIs last year and the reports not at all the same. One even said no chiari and that I had several tumors in my verterbrae.

I have surgery in Sept and feel great now.

Hope you get some answers soon.