Anyone living ordinary life

Apologize if it doesn’t belong in this topic I had my first surgery at age of twenty never had chance make friends, have dating life doctor told me I will be living with some side effects I live with type 2 chiari when I get over heated I get shaky, dizzy, weak, has anyone after there surgery made friends, have dating life to meet people who accept them for who they are and have someone look at you in weird way when you feel sick?

Hi, Tony! First, I have Chiari 1 and haven't had surgery. I'm so tired, I can barely go shopping for dinner. I don't have real friends anymore, only my boyfriends friends. I have to say, I don't have a need for more people in my life.

If you don't leave home much, you can meet people in suppport groups, liek this one. You can find some meetings in your city and meet people in person. I think everyone accepts everyone in these groups. There are ways to meet people, and I'm sure you can find a way, if you want. Don't give up!

Best wishes,