55 yrs young and still hanging in there

Many, many of your symptoms I've had, as others have also shared.

My condition got so bad I was in a wheelchair and only working half-time. I've worked in IT most of my life so it was easy to.work from home when I really needed to.

Anyway, 14 years of a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, finally got an appointment with a neurosurgeon that had treated a variety of children that had been diagnosed with Chiari types 1 & 2. 5 seconds into the examination room and he knew I had type 2. To this point I had over 15 MARis, but always of only the brain, never the neck; which sounds like what you have been through. At that time he did not want to do the surgery as he said I was not in bad enough condition. Over the next 4 years I moved to another city and another neurosurgeon. He said that the only way for me to get out of the wheelchair was to get the pressure relief for my neck. So I had the surgery and with help, I was able to move my legs 48 hrs after the surgery. Of course it took many months for me to walk again, but I'm able to walk better than when I was in my 30s (after 5 yrs of prognosis of MS)

At times I still have discomfort but not even close to what I experienced before the surgery.

As a note on MRI systems...Always like the open ones better, yet the closed ones provide more details with the neck. I'm hoping you are having the MRI with the closed system. Oh, don't forget to take your fave music...the elevator music gets really really boring.