4.5mm hernia is now 5.5mm on an upright scan

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone else has different measurements on different scans?? My previous scans report as being 4.5mm, but a recent upright shows 5.5mm...

Also, my symptoms are worse, constant dizziness, heavy feeling at back of head and very annoying / embarrassing 'HEAD BOBBING'!! Also, balance / walking worse.

Wonder if anyone has any advice on how to improve balance when walking??

Many, many thanks

Agree with above but remember….the accuracy of an MRI is only about 1mm(meaning there is no true difference between 4.5 and 5.5mm). Also, the MRI takes 5mm sagittal cuts(meaning, there is a picture every 5mm, so any variation within that space is averaged). These are simply the spacial requirements of the MRI. The cuts(space interval between images) can be reduced but it significantly increases the time of the MRI.

Of course, in your specific case, going from 4.5 to 5.5mm means you move from Chiari 0(or no diagnosis) to Chiari 1(which, as is mentioned many other places in this site, is a semantic issue and should be a data point, not THE data point used in your treatment).

In general, trends are what we are looking for. A 1mm difference is within sampling error of an MRI.