3 years post op

Well Friday was officially 3 years since my surgery and life remains good. Symptoms still have not returned and i am still med free. I have had on going shoulder issues that sometimes cause arm tingling and soreness when i over do it but no headaches, vertigo, blurred vision or issues walking at all. Looking back its hard to believe its been three years already. For those who have not read my previous posts I’ll sum up my chiari journey, in November 2013 i started having symtoms headaches, trouble walking felt like i threw my neck out so i waited a few weeks but it didnt get better i went to the doctor who sent me for an MRI expecting to show MS got results and Chiari was the final diagnosis, from there a neurologist who prescribed neurotin, baclofen and pain meds to manage because he didnt think i needed surgery. I went back to my doctor because 15 pills a day was ridiculous and made me so foggy and tired i couldnt function. Went for a second opinion with a different neurologist who sent me to a neurosurgeon who explained i had a 9mm herniation and that he recommends surgery i scheduled surgery and was the absolute scariest and best decision of my life. I had surgery on June 30, 2014 and I was off work for 8 weeks on meds until October 2015. I was gradually weaned of the neurotin and Baclofen and havent taken anything since and remain symptom free. Still have rough days here and there but nothing anywhere close to before surgery. I typically try to post every year with updates because i know prior to my surgery how scary things were and all i ever read about was the horror stories and how surgery didnt work and wish there were some positive stories to read prior to my surgery. Hope everyone has a fabulous Holiday weekend!


Thanks for checking in, N2C! You’re going to have to change your screen name to “Old Hand @ Chiari!” I’m kidding, of course …

Please drop by more often than once per year: there are many people who could benefit from the kind of reassurance and positive comments that you can give.

It’s so great to have you back.

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It is so great to read a success story and a positive story. I am 8 mos post op and symptom free and feel better than I have in years. Thank you so much for posting this! I am med free as well and am back to full activity levels. I am running again and lifting weights. This week I am back to Vinyasa Power Yoga.


I love reading this! Thank you for updating!

Thank you for posting.