Why don't NL's seem to recognize Chiari?

What a tough diagnosis Chiari Type I Malformation seems to be? I am in the process of working with a NL for additional testing. However, after all my research, it appears that NL's historically don't diagnose Chiari...instead they push for more testing to rule everything out before possibly labeling it Chiari. NS's scare me because they seem to be MOST LIKELY to profit from the diagnosis. I put my feelers out and found a friend of a friend that is a prominant NS. He gave me his home address to send all my info for review. I've asked for a referral to a NL with Chiari experience so I can hopefully feel confident with a diagnosis. I also feel if it was so easy to just read my MRI and label it as "incidental" as my NL did, then the NS should be able to reach the same conclusion and let me know. I'll keep all posted on my journey/progress! Peace!

Hi Lauren,

My own experiences with NL's had been poor to say the least....I think the main reason they do not recognize Chiari and its' MANY symptoms ..comes down to 1 main thing....they were never taught about this condition..and if they were..they say it doesn't cause all our Sx's.

A good NS will look at the MRI and LISTEN to you....list all your symptoms......Yes surgeons like to cut.....however there are good NS's out there that are not knife happy...I personally got 2 opinions by well respected NS's and they both suggested decompression.

Keep us updated on your journey.