What makes chiari worse?

I can't seem to get a straight answer out of my NS, and my NL is convinced nothing is from chiari, everything is "migraine". So, long term, WHAT makes chiari worse? Does anything other than injury or maybe riding a bunch of rollercoasters make you symptomatic again? I've been told to go live my life but I'm afraid to set this beast off again, with basically no instructions from any of my doctors.


Even if you have had surgery you can still have Chiari symptoms. The surgery is a treatment not a cure. Depending on how much damage was done before surgery you can still have terrible symptoms. I guess I don't fully understand the question but each of us needs to decide what we can and can't do. Roller coasters are a no no because of the G Forces and the strain that it puts on our necks and brains. There are things that I wouldn't or can't do that a lot of Chiarians still do. You just need to be mindful of what you have gone through and test things out. Our bodies remind us when we have done too much or done something that we shouldn't have. I hope this helps.