Vein thrombosis

My niece had a MRI of her veins. They found an occlusion of the jugular vein. The 1st doctor is wanting to do an immediate spinal tap to check the icp. We don’t really trust this doctor. Are there other ways to measure the icp? Has anyone had experience with this? What are the treatments for a jugular vein thrombosis?

Hi Lindsay, I wish I could help you but, I have never heard of this either. Had to look it up and read about it. Sounds like there are many different causes. I haven’t read anything on this website about it, but search under symptoms in this site. You are a terrific aunt, trying to find answers and getting information for your niece. Family support means so much to us Chiarians. Praying for your niece.

Thank you. They decided it wasn’t a clot but maybe rather a growth. They are now saying it is on the left side as well. They have an appointment on Thursday to discuss everything. …

Oddly enough, and I also don’t know if this related to chiari, but I have been having swelling on my right front of neck (jugular area) almost feels like a fullness rather than a noticeable lump. This seems to be where it all started for me, progressed from there to include back of neck pain and stiffness that also radiated up to the back of my skull at the cranial cervical junction. Hmmmmm definitely need to do some more research on this one!

Sara, in Ontario, Canada