University Disability Services


I am going into my 2nd year of studies and I feel I could benefit from a different "exam environment,"(lower stress atmosphere, fewer people, etc). However it appears that the only way I could do this is through my school's disability service centre.

I saw my neurosurgeon once, and that was almost 4 years ago. I'm now 18 and it was a paediatric surgeon so I don't even know if she can help me anymore. In order to be considered by my school as having a disability I need the documentation to prove it. I have the MRI results stating I have Chiari, but it doesn't include any specifics relating to "how it would affect my studies."

I sometimes feel that my Chiari does affect my studies, but is this just in my head? Or can Chiari really be having a negative impact on my school?

How do I go about getting the proper documentation required?

That being "include a clear description of the student's functional limitations that arise from the disability or health condition specific to studying at university."


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Yes, Chiari can affect academic studies and I am saddened to hear that you feel that you are in that category. I found that an in-depth neuro-psychological battery of tests provided me with a comprehensive understanding of my cognitive limitations and strategies to help me. While I am no linger in formal schooling, I have found those strategies helpful in navigating my day and my world so that I have satisfying experiences instead of exhausting ones.

In the private world, this testing can cost several thousands of dollars. Perhaps someone else can speak to the ease of having American insurance pay for it.