Hi all. I’ve been going back and forth on writing. I’m still in transition as I like to call it. I’ve recently been out in a neck f
Brace and have found that going in it when I start to have any headache and sleeping in it has given me relief. Anyone else experienced this? Also, has anyone else had hormone testing done? It was suggested to me and just wondered if anyones done it. And last, is anyone, here in Phoenix AZ doing the chiari walk on Saturday?? I have a team named Bravery and anyone that would like to join is MORE than welcome. Hope to se


After surgery I used a neck brace for awile and it made me feel better. Di one of the members wears hers almost all the time and she has said it feels a lot better with it on. Having your hormones tested is a great idea. I've been thinking about having mine checked out. Have a great time on the walk.


Wendy, thank you. I feel like itngetsbrid of the annoying headache, as I like to call it. I’ll let you know what I find put about the hormones.

Susan, I actually don’t have a thyroid. I had it taken out 4 years ago. So my levels, endocrinology wise, are checked a lot. I actually have been wanting a new endo, right now my gp does it, shes wonderful and is the one who diagnosed my chiari. So id love Dr Knechts number! Thenwalknwasmgreat, I hope you feel well enough to go next year!!!