Surgery tomorrow

I had decompression surgery June 21, 2010. I then had a CSF leak and infection, so I had emergency surgery to fix it July 2, 2010. During the surgery, they removed the bovine patch and harvested skin from my thigh to use to recover it. I now have a bulge on my thigh because the circular piece of my fascia that got taken out never scarred over, so now my muscle is herniating out. When I went to my NS, he said in all his 20+ years he has never seen anything like it. So, my NS and a general surgeon are doing surgery on it tomorrow (Nov 8) to try and fix it. Their plan is to open it back up, and then sew a sort of mesh (the stuff they use for hernias) over the fascia to hopefully keep my muscle in place. Has anyone else had this problem before?? From the way my NS spoke, this is extremely rare and he is not quite sure how he is going to fix it, that is why he wants another surgeon to scrub in and help him. I think I am more nervous for this surgery than my initial brain surgery!!!

WOW…You have been though the mill…You will be in my prayers…sounds like you have a great medical team working with you…so I hope that in itself can give you some peace of mind.

please let us know how you are doing…how long will you be in the hospital???

Take Care and God Bless,

I had the surgery a week ago, and I am already doing a lot better than I had expected. I am able to walk very well with a cane, and am not taking any pain medications! The swelling hasn’t gone done much, if at all, so my NS told me to keep an eye on it and speak with him again next week. FINGERS CROSSED!

That is good news…keep us posted on how you are doing!!!

God Bless ya!!!