OK, my friend asked, "Are you going to get the part of your brain the doctor cuts out?"

"No because I understand that is being shrunk. But I might be able to get the piece of skull he cuts out."

I think I might be too tempted to show it off. LOL.

BTW, we're on our way to the hotel. Very tense between my husband and I. He literally sat 4 feet from me on the church pew. And he's just coming so no one will think badly of him. SIGH!

Anyway, 'nuff of the pity party, my surgery starts at 11:30am tomorrow (3.28.11). My friend will have my phone and she will call Susan with updates.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. My mom died at 35 from a brain aneurysm (I'm convinced she had chiari) and so this is all hitting me in a very unexpected way.



You will be in my thoughts and prayers!!


Hello everyone I am amazed that tomorrow by this time I will be recovering from a successful surgery. :-D. I’m scared, at times. I think tomorrow will be hardest. I keep thinking about how your prayers and the Lord’s grace helped me through the tests on the 9th. He will help me through this.

A friend reminded me that I hadn’t included information on where I’ll be.

My surgery begins at 11:30am, but I need to be there for surgery preps at 9:30.

Columbia St. Mary’s 2323 Lake Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53211 414.291.1000

I don’t have a room #. I will be in ICU for 2 days n moved to a regular room for 3 more days.

OMG I had joked about this before I had surgery. I kept saying to my parents and sisters that I should ask the NS if I could keep the skull and C1 they were going to cut out. They kept saying it was gross. lol But still I really wanted to, I guess I chickened out because I never asked him. I really wish I would have asked. Too late now though.

Good luck with your surgery! I will keep you in my thoughts!