Service Animals anyone?

Wondering if anyone on this site uses a Service Dog or other service animal and their experiences. For past 21/2 yrs, I've had a Service Dog, a 70 lb.Samoyed ,that helps me w/ walking, balance, preventing & getting up from falls, blocking overzealous body contacts, carrying items, towing things and being an overall good companion as well as comic relief. He accompanies me on appointments, errands and has even been into some restaurants successfully. Did most of initial training myself. Relied on professional to prepare him for tests. He's now certified both in N.C, where live, and nationally.

I have to no experience with service dogs but it sounds as though yours is fantastic! I could see how a lot of chiarians could use one!

Yes I too have a service dog. Initially he was trained for the seizures that developed then retrained, mostly by me and yes a pro for his tests, due to my increasing disabilities. I was wheelchair bound for 5 years untill decompression surgery in 2006. He is a black lab/golden retriever mix. He has been my life saver for a very long time. As he is getting older I have had to rely less on him and have made the decision that now it is my time to repay him in kind, my turn to help him in his declining years. He has been there with me from the beginning, he is now my only “child” left at home now. Now we help each other now that I am again declining a bit. He used to go with me every where, now it’s getting harder for him to get into my large SUV, so he gets fewer “car rides” now.