Scary new episode

I have a question and concern about an episode I had this morning and thought I would ask if anyone had any thoughts or advice. When I woke up this morning I was not feeling great, but thats normal for me, so I made my morning cup of tea and did my usual routine and was weak but not too bad. I sat down for a few mins and stood up to go get a pen out of my purse, my lower back was bothering me so I put my arms up to stretch my back and instantly my vision dimmed, my heart was pounding and fluttering, I got extremely hot and sweaty(my whole body not just my hands and face this time), legs got weak and I collapsed onto my recliner. What made this episode different from other times was that I was stretching my back when it happened and usually my blackouts happen after I've stood up and taken a few steps, and this time I didn't get that far. So I'm wondering if I blocked my flow when I stretched or if this is just the POTS acting up in a new way for me. Usually when I try and stretch it just causes pain, I've never collapsed because of it. Any thoughts? And shoukd I be concerned?

My daughter blacks out once in awhile as well. Do you have lasting side effects? If so I would call your Dr asap. Sometimes the flow gets plugged temporarily. Any changes are a cause for concern and should be addressed.

Thanks. Yes, I do get lasting side effects. They are not permanent, but usually last a week or so then I'll start feeling a little better. I did have one of my typical episodes last week at the store, heart beat irratic instant sweaty palms chest pressure and near collapse. Since then I've had some breathing issues and chest pressure. That episode was normal for me and I've become used to it. This one was just really different in that the stretching felt like it is what caused it. Which is what made me think perhaps I impeeded(sp?) the flow temporarily and that's what caused it. Then again, it could be what Emmaline said and it was just the POTS presenting itself in a whole new way. Normally this kind of thing doesn't rattle me and I let it go because anytime I ever bring things like this up to a Dr., they don't seem fazed by it. I wrote this down in my journal and will bring it up the next time I go in and see what the Dr. thinks. I'm sure all she's going to say is, get the surgery and the POTS episodes will stop. That's what she said last time I saw her. I'm not sure I agree with that based on what I've learned about POTS so far. I told her that I'm not in a financial position to afford the surgery right now and she said there's really nothing else I can do to help with my symptoms. Thank you both for your advice and helping ease my mind:)

I used to have horrible rapid irregular heartbeat and feeling close to fainting. My doc put me on inderol and that has really seemed to help. Sometimes pressure on the brain or spine can cause erratic hear rate and breathing issues as well. I would definitely call your Chiari specialist.

Thanks I'll make note of that medication. Just not sure who will prescribe it for me. The NS that I have does not prescribe medications and would not recomend any Dr for me who would. My PCP is too afraid to try any medications other than what he already has me on which is some meds for pain, sleeping and nausea. Feel like I don't know who to turn to for help dealing with my symptoms until I am able to have the surgery done. In the meantime my symptoms, especially the pain, are getting worse and I'm not sure what if anything I can do about it. Thank you so much for the advice, and I hope you get some answers on your cord compression soon. Sounds like you're going to see a great NS, I've heard he's really good.

If you have racing heart, turn to a cardiologist. Someone needs to help you. I have found persistence is key. I am finally scheduled to see Dr. Oro at the Chiari Care center (after over a year of run around in my town). I had to take my daughter to 5 different doctors before her MRI was ordered. We are of the rare and misusunderstood. You are you own best advocate. Call as many doctors as you have to until you get results. Do not give up!