Right side of body cold

And I can’t feel how c

Sorry it feels like rubber cold arm hand foot and cheek and of course I hardly have any feeling on that side of my body so I don’t have the cold sensation it’s the weirdest thing. Anyone else?

While the other side of my body will feel normal

I'm sorry to hear that. But can you feel hot/cold/pain sensations in your hands when you touch things? If not, a syrinx might be the cause of it and that you would need to get check out right away.

I hope you have a pain free day!

I already know I have a syrinx it just hasn’t been dealt with in the doctor shuffle I’m guessing my next stop on January 11 at the neurosurgeon he will be addressing the chairi, syrinx and the thorasic spinal stenosis we will see it is just the strangest sensation

Well, I hope its nothing serious and its just nerve issues.Good luck!

Thanks so much for the input it’s always appreciated :))

The right side of my back is a constant ice cube, and my entire left side goes between tingly and cold. Got 3 syrinxes that I blame it on. It becomes difficult to properly gauge how to dress for these winter months sometimes.