Retroflexed odointoid

I have to have surgery for my retroflexed odointoid, because it is effecting my swallowing. I have already had decompression surgery twice, (the second time was to fix what the first dr. did). I was wondering if anyone has had this surgery?

I am just now having trouble swallowing. Choking a bit on my food. Even liquids are giving me a hard time.

Can you explain to me how they have discovered this problem or how I even ASK them to look into it? I also have problems of dizziness when I flex my neck. To the point of almost fainting when I put my mascara on and put my neck back if that makes sense.

My swallowing feels hindered and feels as though my throat is closing up and I gasp.

Which type of doctor did you have to see - and how did they determine you needed the surgery by examination only or MRI?

I have only had one Laminectomy/Fossa Decompression in 2001. Thank you!