Old Friend

Actually, I was on the site about a year ago and closed my account and wished I didn't. I was sitting here getting the winter blues and opened it back up. I was diagnosed in 2012 and had decompression in Jan. of 2013. Also, I have syringomyelia. My cervical syrinx is now "shadowed" as my neurosurgeon says, aka pretty much gone. But, I still have a syrinx down in lower thoracic-lumbar region. I really wish there were more in person support groups for my condition.

So glad you’re back with us, catlover. Sorry to hear you’ve the blues. How are you managing any symptoms since surgery?

Off topic, but I bet you’ve likely adorable pictures of your kitty(ies) you can share… Hint, hint.:slight_smile:

Hi, I can't seem to upload pictures. I couldn't even upload my profile picture? So, no kitty pictures.... :( sorry. I wish I could up load pictures. I can't seem to do it on this web page site for some reason. I have an orange Persian named Lucky and a black and grey tabby named Lucy.