Official diagnosis

I finally have an official medical document stating that I have Chiari 1! I got a copy of the report from Friday's MRI when I went in to see my PCP today. What concerns me, however, is that it still states a 4mm herniation, and Dr. Oro only accepts patients with a 5mm and above. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

In other news, I had my first trip in an ambulance on Friday night due to what I thought was a heart attack! Anyone want to guess what it was? A gallbladder attack! I will be having surgery tomorrow at 12:30PM to remove that demon organ!
If any of you have any tips for recovery, please share.


I don't have much advice but I wanted to say good luck with the surgery. I had my apendix taken out years ago. It wasn't fun but it wasn't too bad either.