New Symptom wondering is CM related

I have had electrical type shocks in legs and arms before, and once it was all four at the same time, but last night it was a lot different. The first one "hit" just in my legs and that woke me up, followed shortly by the second, the only thing I can compare it to is what it must feel like when they do the electrical shock to restart a heart, I felt it all over, arms and legs and torso just shot up, I almost fell out of the bed. The poor dog got so scared she was afraid to get back up. Anyone else have something like this? or maybe hear about something like this?

I also get them. Mine usually happens when the hole in the back of my head is touched. It brings me to my knees sometimes. I am sorry his is happening to you also. Maybe your Dr. might have some ideas.

Thanks for the responses, at least I can attribute it to something we already know about rather than something new. I don't have anything which they can identify as blocking CSF flow, so no surgical options. They aren't even sure what is causing my problems, I have three separate things that are known to cause the symptoms but there is no fix for any of them. The C1 fusion and the C2 projecting up is one issue, the remodeled clivus (which has reduced the space in the posterior fossa)can cause the problems, and the vascular insufficiency from the missing vertebral artery can also cause it...the one thing they feel confident about is that the Spinal Cord stenosis at C5 is the least of my problems...yayyy!