Just saw my surgeon

I had yet another apoitment with my new doc and was sent to do an MRI with contrast to check the flow of fluid in my brain and in my spinal colum. I asked how far it was collapsing and was told i am at 6.2 mm. and with my symptoms i qualify for surgery. i have to do a pre op physical in the next few days.

A few questions i have.

has anybody else had a mri with contrast? if so what does it really tell?

i was told that 6.2 mm is how far down it is. is that alot?

how long is recovery for the surgery?

is there anything i need to ask or know about?

really any info would be great. Thanks in advance to all the great people here. I am so glad that i found this site.

alos just a little fun note, I walked into the ER today were i used to work and i think the 20 people (nurses) i talked to had no idea what so ever what Chiari malformation was. What a bad feeling that gave me to think that of anybody that should know about it or hear about this at one time they had no idea what it was.i wish there was more information out there about this, I just think about all the people like myself that are going through hell and have no idea what it is due to the fact that some medical prof. dont even know about it. Just thought i would share that, Thanks in advance for the help. Have a great day all my new friends and family.


I am glad you have a doc who will order the right tests!!! I had decompression surgery 8/08…took a few mths to get my balance…that had been an issue before surgery as well…the neuropathic pain in legs and feet got much better…H/A’s have somewhat changed in nature now…more pressure than that stabbing pain.

My herniation was about 5mm…I honestly don’t know how far down that goes!

You must keep in mind that the operation is a Tx…not a cure.

Looking back, recovery time was not too bad…considering.

Good luck and keep us posted

I was set up to meet the surgeon at mayo and the company i worked for switched insurance companys and I was no longer covered at mayo. I had a MRI there and meet with a neurologist and then was referred to the surgeion and was setting up the surgery when my inssurance switched. I am seeing Dr Haines on dec 8th I meet with his associate dr watts and got the refferal to see him. I was told that I needed a bother MRI which I have done and have to get a pre-op physical. He said I will Ned the surgery so he wanted me to get everything done before I meet dr Haines so it will speed up the process for me. After I told my story and he did an exam says I show all the signs of chiari. So I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am curious to see how long I will be out of work. He said it is different for everybody. Thanks for the reply and I look forward to talkin with you more

razzle51 said:

Dr. Steven Haines University of Minnesota Hospitals
MMC 96
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Dr. James D. Callahan
St. Mary’s-Duluth
Clinic Health System
400 East Third Street,
Duluth, MN 55805

Dr. Mary E. Dunn
234 Doctor’s Prof. Building
St. Paul 55102
(ph) 651-■■■■■■■■

The contrast shows up your blood vessels on the MRI. Just had another on Thurs. I’ve had Chiari surgeory 8 years ago. My nuerosurgeon told me it would take up to a year to recover. I went to Phyiscal Therapy after the surgeory and truly that helps a ton!! I also had a cyst inside my spinal cord called a syrinx. It didnt go away. Alot of times it goes away with the chiari surgeory. My MRI on Thurs. shown that my syrinx is growing. So, I’m having to go back to a nuerologist. Praying for you!