Home from hospital


was in the hospital just overnight(THANK GOD)...went to ER b/c of severe chest pain/pressure...they gave me Nitro.under the tongue in the ER and it worked wonders..but the big side effect with Nitro is massive H/A..yeepee

they kept me over night on monitors...heart rate went up to 160..with no explaination!!! Chest pain was gone, just pressure..they put Nitro paste on my back...

All cardiac enzymes came back good...as well as a blood test for clots..never knew they had a blood test for clots..anyway..that was good...

Was discharged yesterday with no answers....the Hospital doc's d/c orders were.."Quit Smoking, follow Cardiac diet and follow up with Primary Doctor"...

Susan, you will appreciate this one:....they kept me waiting so long to D/c me....I thought I would help 'em out a bit....I disconnected the monitors and the sticky leads...that went without a hitch..no bells or whistles went off..so...NEXT.....I decided to pull the IV line...the tricky part was to recap the line so the rest of the fluid wouldn't leak all over the floor...So very proud of myself....no mess..got the needle in sharps container and everything!!!!

Glad to be home but very depressed...dear husband got laid off yesterday!!!!!!!

Love to you all,


ohhh lori

how are you feeling? has everything settled down?

im sorry you husband has been layed off, that doesnt make things easier for you,

what tests are they going to do now, is there a followup put in play? is your heart going to get checked?

i hope you are ok

joelene..hey...how are YOU?????????????????????? yeah my pcp will lead me in the right diredtion with that....but the day after i came home..at night..i fell and broke my hand..the er doc was a fool..rolled his eyes when i told him i was disabled...never came back into the room..just called into the room.."xyray negative, your going home if bloodwork is ok"

then i came down with a sudden onset explosive h/a........finally this nice cna came in and i told her..he said"SHE IS GOING HOMe"..Never came in to ask me anything.....anyway....i had to go get my back mri read by spine specialist....all looks good..thank god..but he looks at my hand...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...pulls up the xray from the er and says..IT IS BROKEN!" not a huge deal...but its just the point,,

how are you?????? feel better


I am so glad that you are home from the hospital but I would strongly suggest that you make an appointment with a cardiologist. Anytime you have chest pain you really need to have this checked out by a specialist. It could be something as simple as an anxiety attack (that's what happened to me). But please have this checked out!!

ohhhh lori, what a brainless fool, glad you got your hand sorted eventually, but OMG a drama to have sorted.

im ok at the moment, started dancing pratice again today and started walking yesterday in the trees, its hard work, but it feels like im doing something.


good for you..yes, i agree, getting out there walking and beibg physcical help mind, body and soul...

susan, when did this happen...omg..we are way too much a like..i fell again sunday....so much pain and swelling.same arm...can'tt wait to get the hospital bill.....




susan..... bubble wrap, you could pop them all day and enjoy the noise. lol

dancing is great again, it makes me feel alive, but today to tired to do it, so sitting back and relaxing,

walking isnt doing myself any good, ive been for two walks and had two nights of bad sleep, and waking and gagging,

so im guessing its playing with my body abit

OMG susan and lori, are you ok, you 2 must be twins at the moment,

susan i hope things goes well, for you at the ER, push to get sorted my girl,

your right on the walking, im going to cut it to 30 mins a day and see what happens, also i might try aqua jogging, it might be easier on my back,

gee headaches are back, so unfair today,,

susan keep us posted on your condition, please