Hi there… Thanx for all your advices last time. I didnt go back to baclofen, its been more than a week since I stop taking it. Other than dealing with terrible panic attacks, unbearable pain and anxiety… I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow not my neuro one tho because he is not from my hometown.

Since I live 3 hours from the city where my surgery will be
Perform in a month… I wouldnt be able to travel right away and Im concern. I know we are all different and our bodies react different. But how long would I have to be in the hospital and depending on how the surgery goes how long would I have to staty out of town? My neuro I have read have perform many chiari surgeries but I have only spoken to him once. And im concern because I will probably would have to stay in a hotel with my family or something.

Hi, Glory. Glad we were of some help to you earlier. Good to hear you have an appointment with doctor. I think it’s a good idea to speak with your neurosurgeon, if even by phone. Considering there is travel involved, I think you really need a clear timeline on how long the surgery is expected to last, provided all goes as planned, as well as how long to plan to stay in hotel before you can safely travel back to your home. You may want to, at least, put a hold deposit on a room for a block of time after your surgery. I think most hotels allow for cancellation with 24 hour notice. Please keep us updated. Hopefully others here will share surgery/immediate recovery experiences.

Hi there! Thanx for replying… I’m so nervous, scared at this situation. Being far from my love ones and not knowing the outcome after the surgery. Hope everything goes as planned and God help getting my life back. Thanx. Btw what kind of meds do they give u for the pain… Steroids dont do good to my body so are other alternatives?

Hi, Glory. I know it can be really scary. Are you doing anything to help with the anxiety? I find meditation helps me as do things as simple as pleasant distractions.

As for painkillers, I should think those are customized based on your current medications and any reactions, allergies etc…, but be sure you let them know steroids affect you and discuss alternatives ahead of the surgery.

If you aren’t able to have a loved one with you after surgery, please know you can always come here for support, company at any time.



Thanx Laurie! I will let them know. Yes Im
Taking medidice formy anxiety, have been taking it for months, also medicine for depression since Istart having panick attacks, woke up trying to kill myself at times, shaking, having troubles focusing and such. I live with my aunt and cousins at the moment. They help me so much. I have my baby ( my puppy) my best friends visit me so often but sometimes I cant tell them whats in my head cuz I dont want them to be scared or suffer. But im hanging there. I just read some people have troubles with how things taste ( is this normal? Permanent) does meds make ugain weigh since i have back problems i try so hard to be in shape. And thank you Laurie!! Im so glad to have someone i can talk to. Xoxo