GI issues?

Does anyone else have GI issues (constant nausea, acid reflux, ect) as symptoms or is that just me??

I used to have GI issues big time. After surgery it all went away…for the most part. Now that I’m having headaches again I get the occasional nausea caused by feeling like I’m falling off the planet. For the acid reflux I used to take Maalox… but it’s been off the market for some time… something about refurbishing the production plants… now pepto is my go to… I’m hoping Maalox comes back though… I prefer it over pepto…

Yes, nausea and reflux. Nausea is gone since surgery though. Nausea is a biggie with dysautonomia, the reflux and other GI issues like IBS can be Ehlers related.

Sorry to hear you're dealing with that. No fun!

Nausea was my first symptom. Almost constant for twenty years now. Gets worse in waves. Also lots of GI issues over the past nine years.

I never knew it could be Ehlers related but my doctors don't seem to think I need to be checked for that.

Nausea and balance issues are symptoms i deal with daily. The two are linked the Nausea could simply be a side effect of the balance issues. Needless to say i come across drunk to half the folks meet. Rather funny in a way.