Face Cleansing Cloths

Hey Group,

I was just wondering what people suggested for facial cleansing cloths.

I always wash my face when I'm in the shower and I like to wash my face at night before bed but lately I've been having trouble being bent over the sink... the angle I have to hold my head at to see where I'm putting the cleanser and if I've managed to wash it all off my face is causing me discomfort.

So I'm looking for cleansing cloths like Garnier or Neutrogena or whatever...

What do you suggest? I've used some of these cleansing cloths before but I'm finding that a lot of them are expensive and I'm on a pretty tight budget.. so I'm looking for the best cleansing cloth for the cheapest price.

I'm even up for just using those Wet Wipes if thats what will be cheapest.. they probably aren't the bet for my skin but I need a cheap solution..

I just use my normal cleanser with a wash cloth, that way I can stand upright- the bending over gets to me too.

I don’t wear make up either and I have a little bit of acne, I’m looking for something to make my skin feel fresh before bed. I don’t like going to bed feeling oily.

Thanks everyone! I’m going shopping later if I’m feeling well enough to drive! :slight_smile:

Not sure if you have a Big Lots where you live but if so they sell green tea cleansing tissues that I use and like!

I love the Norwex make-up cloths (4 in a pack). They are expense to initially buy - I don't know how much - but mine have lasted for 5 years now and are still in good shape. They just use water so you do not have to buy any cleanser to go with. I am sure that there are other brands of these micro-fiber type cloths that are available in a store. Otherwise you can just order the Norwex ones on-line and the representative will deliver to your door when they are available.

Ooh there’s a big lots across the river in Michigan I could check out! Yay for border towns!

Oh I’ve never heard of Norwex, I will have to scope them out too!

Thanks everyone!