E of the night and have anxiety attacks, does anyone else ex

Anxiety attacks after surgery?
I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and I wake up in the middle of the night and have anxiety attacks, does anyone else experience this?

My anxiety levels went up after surgery. I have increased my medication and added more. I had an attack at a store because of too many people and noise. I still have these issues but are more manageable. Good luck.

I had some but mine was from the anesthesia. I was waking up having terrible nightmares.


My family doctor, who had a brain surgery of some sort himself, told me that night-time anxiety is a side effect of the physical nature of brain surgery itself and of the anaesthesia. Just knowing that was helpful in reassuring myself that I was okay. My understanding is that the autonomic nervous system gets a bit out of whack which results in that flight or flight response - which we perceive as anxiety because there is no real threat. I found that it was important for me not to try and associate my anxiety with anything otherwise I got crazy thoughts. I just acknowledged that it was there, had troubles sleeping that night, and took it easy the next day. I think that the doctor mentioned that there was medication that might help but side - effects are always a concern so I did not pursue it. With time, night-time anxiety has greatly reduced to the point where I cannot remember the last one I had - though I do not get upset when it does happen so tend not to remember them as much anymore.

Troubles with too many people and noise is a brain processing thing - not necessarily an autonomic nervous system thing. While I am sure that anti-anxiety drugs can help to put one in a mellow zone, they do not really improve the brain's ability to process stimuli from their environment without overloading and experiencing what is often labeled as anxiety.

Hope this helps!