Does anyone have Restless leg syndrome?

Hi,im new here.I’ve had Symptoms of Rest-less leg syndrome for yrs. But now that i’ve been diagnosed with Chiari im wondering if its related.

hi all,

but can you explain what restless leg syndrome is???

U get it mainly when ur trying to relax or sleep,but can happen any time…I get electric like shocks from my legs to my feet,or it can feel like creepy crawlys in my feet.I have the intence urge to move my feet,or get up and walk,if not it drives me crazy,ive had many sleep-less nights,cause i cant fall asleep because i cant lay still.I try to explain it to my fam, but they dont get why i cant go to sleep when it happenes.they say try not to think about it.It dont work that way.Trust me if thats all i had to do,i would be able to sleep…Hope that explains it :slight_smile:

i has that ages ago, i havent had that for sooo long,

i get the musule weakness, and that hurts,i get that also in my arms, its like ive been at a gym for aweek pushing weights, and i have the after effect

thankyou that did explain it