I have seen a few discussions on Diamox. I hadn't heard of this until doing research on medications. I'm trying to have all my ducks in a row before seeing the neurologist (Which has been changed again, now scheduled for March 2nd.) I see it associated with EDS in several websites. Anyone had success if all you have is the Chiari? So far that is my only diagnosis.

My understanding is that it lowers the pressure from accumulated CSF, thereby reducing pain In Chiari patients. Here's an article link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17366111

Diamox is essentially a diuretic that has been around a very long time and used for a lot of things. Back when i used to jump out of airplanes for a living we used it for really high jumps. Latter on when climbing mountains. Don't let the EDS thing scare you. There has been a tendency by some to associate EDS with Chiari. Its not great to have both, but its far from a given.

Don't over prepare for your appointment, one of the difficulties with a condition like Chiari, is that it is consistently inconsistent. As you "research" lots of words and thoughts can be put in your mind. Dr. Google is probably the worst source of information as the highly anecdotal suddenly becomes fact (or legend)............. Your first appointment is strictly about YOU, learning as much about You as they can and going from that point forward developing a plan. Your pain may well be from a different source than high CSF pressure or better treated a different way.

Sometime what folks around here consider ignorance on a doctors part is far from ignorance. Some folks with a certain set of documented physical symptoms are highly symptomatic while others with a virtually identical set of symptoms have no symptoms. How do you decide what to do? What does a scientist who likes repeatable verifiable data do? Best of luck with your appointment and I hope you start getting the answers you deserve.