Cord Blood Banking

Hello all,

I am very new to th Chiari world as well as this forum. My 7 yo DD was diagnosed with Chiari 1 earlier this year with a ~20mm heriation. I am curious if anyone has had a conversation with their physician regarding banked cord blood. In our case, we have our 4 yo DS'scord blood banked, but not our DD.



I don't really have much info on cord blood banking. I know there are some studies where they are trying to improve CP or spinal cord injuries with it. I guess if a syrinx caused by the malformation were to damage the spinal cord it's possible cord blood could be used in the same manner as they are testing. The malformation itself is a structural defect as such it could only be corrected surgically.

Thanks for the responses. I did call the company we have the cord blood banked with (CBR). They are unaware of any Chiari related studies. I know most of the time and money is going to neuro research. But they said they would put my name down to contact if a study is started.

As Mandy stated, I don't see how it would help with a structural defect, but I suppose you never know, especially with a newer technology such as the stem cell/cord blood banking. Look at the company A-Cell- They have a swine-originated product that can regrow finger tips and portions of ears...

It has been interesting to learn that the banked cord blood, in some cases, can be used for many blood relatives. It isn't only for the person who has it banked.

Very interesting field to learn about and it is an exciting cutting edge portion of healthcare!