Chiari and Benign Hemangioma

I had a full spine MRI done on Friday and had the report faxed to me, so I see that they say I have a 10mm hyperintense focus within the superior T8 vertebral body which is typical for benign hemangioma. Does anyone know what this means. I don’t see my NS until July 13th and I am just curious if any of you can tell me what this means. Thanks, and many blessings to each of you.


Sorry, I have never heard of that Dx....Can you call the NS and ask to speak w/him before the 13th????? I hate that..when you have to wait to go over the test results!!!

Keep us updated!



I have benign hemangiomas within C3, T2, T8 and T11. My MRI report says doubtful of clinical sinificance about them. Two NSs have looked at my MRI and neither one has even mentioned them to me. My first NS wants to take a wait and see approach to the Chiari and the second wanted to do surgery base on my Brain MRI in March but now says I don't have Chiari from what the Cervical MRI showed. I'm very confused. I would like to know if your NS says anything about them. Good Luck!

Hope you have a good week!