Carpal Tunnel Surgery done

I had the surgery day before yesterday on my right hand so doing one handed typing here. :wink: I will be honest, it hurts like hell. I never imagined the pain would be this bad. It is slowly improving and I have hydrocodone to help. BUT I do not regret it. I know it was worth it. I was in constant pain and numbness. My surgeon told me it was pretty bad when he got in there. One of the worse cases he’s seen.That may be why I am in so much pain. I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can finally take off the bandages. It’s wrapped tight in gauze and an ace bandage. I have to move my fingers a lot to keep the blood flow in them. That hurts to do. I know it’ll be better soon and totally worth it. I’ll keep you posted.


hi jenny

glad you have finally got it done, typing with one hand, so you type about the same as me??? oh sorry you wouldbe better, im a chop stick typer. lol

just think everyday is another day less that you will be with pain, each day will get easier, just dont try to do too much before its ready