Basilar Migraine

How many of my fellow chiarians suffer from Basilar Migraines? What helped you through it?

I definitely get those. I seem to get every head pain/headache/migraine known to mankind.

My Icepack is my best friend for anything involving headpain. When its a migraine...A very dark room with no noise. I'll take 1 aspirin and 2 tylenol. (Unless I'm to the point where I'm going to puke and taking meds is pointless..)


Hi Dawn,

I get Occular Migraines...where I see flashing lights in the shape of a C and flashing colors, with or without my eyes open. When I talked to my doctor he told me to drink extra water as the cause could sometimes be dehydration.

I don't get any pain right away. It happens after they are over. Forget driving, so far I haven't had them while driving. If I do, I assume I will pull over till it passes. (usually 20 minutes or less)

The first time it happened I freaked out!! I thought I was having a detached retina or something.

I assume it's a Chiari thing, like all the other symptoms I've had. Seems it's always something.

I'll try not to worry about it, because there is nothing I can do about it, really.

Take care,