Any thoughts or research on pre birth problems and Chiari?

I am asking this question only because my mom asked me. When i was born, i had the umbilical chord wrapped around my neck. My mom brought it up one day as we were talking about the Chiari. (My dad had been having headaches starting at the base of his skull). but she asked me if having the chord wrapped around my neck during my birth might have had something to do with my having Chiari. I haven't seen anything mentioning it but i would like to get opinions from all those in here. I haven't had surgery as my doctor says its not sever enough to need surgery but i will see what the neurosurgeon says when i go see him the day before thanksgiving. But have any of you been told about being born that way? I want to ask about it to someone who does the research but i don't know what site would be best to contact about it. Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any ideas you guys have to offer! thanks!

I was also a forcept delivery baby. I also was called a “blue baby” at the time. My older sister has very mild cerebral palsy, it wasn’t even diagnosed until she was adult. She was not delivered with forcept, however my mother swears that her labor was 4 days long and very difficult. My oldest son was born with the cord around his neck, but it was extremely loose because it was really long (the doctor had never seen one that long!), he only had to lift it off after he was delivered. I am the only one in my family with Chiari (parents, both sisters and their children and all 4 of my children do not have it, thank goodness!). However My father passed away from an arortic dissection from EDS, and I have inherited it from him. My geneticist has told that it is extremely common for those that have CTDs to also have Chiari.

Yes, I have been tested. Yes I was positive for clas and vascular with extreme hypermobile crossovers and marfanoid habbitus. Dispelling the theory that you can only be diagnosed with one and only have crossovers from the different types. I’ve had an echocardiogram (I’ll have to have one yearly) and my heart is perfect sofar, no dilation of the aeotic root, all valves are working properly and no aneurisms. They wanted to do a full body MRI to check for any more anywhere else, but I can’t have an MRI due to a spinal cord stimulator that I had implanted years ago. So I had to have CT’s and sofar everything looks great.

I was a normal birth, no forceps or cord around neck.

I find this to be very interesting. I too was born with the cord wrapped around my neck. I supposedly came out completely blue and had to be in an incubator for 1 week while in the hospital. I have seen pictures of me in the incubator (kind of scary). As far as I know Chiari is something you are born with so I don't think the cord around our necks caused the Chiari. Anyhow, good luck on your upcoming appointment. I really hope all works out for you. Stay positive...DC from Chicago