8 weeks post op and still dealing with sx's that were there before surgery, along with a kidney stone in the rt kidney

Hi my Chiari sisters and brothers. Happy Valentine’s day to each and every one of you!
I have been having a real rough time right now. I had to go see my NS on Jan 9th.
I was having some bad pain in between my shoulder blades that would also have a lot of burning associated with it.
My left arm has been pretty weak and I have tremors in my hands and feet.
Well my NS tells me that I need to do. More exercises with my arms shoulders and back. He didn’t order a MRI of myD
thoracic spine which I wish he would have I have never had one done on that part of my spine. Then my NS tells me I need to go on a plant diet. I was like what in the heck is a plant diet? Lol
I go back to see him on March 12th and demand a MRI of my t-spine.

Now on top of that I have a kidney stone on my right side that I am trying to pass. Gosh, I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone!
My hubby and I are almost to the point of separating and divorcing.
I do not think he was ready for an instant family of a wife and being step-dad to twin boys. Most of the time it really feels like we r room mates instead of being married. Needless to say my stress and worrying levels r .at an all time high! If we split up I have no where to go
Really need your alls opinion and support. XOXO

I’m so sorry tht u r going thru all the pain plus the stress with ur husband! I have not had surgery so I can’t help u with y u r having these issues…I have read surgery is effective in about 80%. I agree when u see ur ns u need to demand some information, u may even want to call n explain what’s happening so they can work u in sooner, no one should have to suffer thru this. Were u dealing with Chiari when u married? Take care and please let us know how u r doing today! Ur in my prayers


Tara, so sorry you are dealing with all this...a kidney stone to boot!! Did you end up passing it yet??

Can you call the NS instead of waiting til MArch 12th to see if he'll order the MRI now....this way when you do see him on 3/12 he'll have that MRI to refer to.

What the heck is a plant diet?? And what is his reasoning behind that???

Sorry you have to also deal with husband problems....No wonder your stress level is so high with all that is on your plate.

Make sure you don't keep all this stuff in.....come here ...we are here for you.




Please know you are not alone. Everyone here is so wonderful. Try and take one day at a time. Stress will definitely make your health issues worse. Hopefully you have passed your Kidney Stone. I am surprised they didn't go & bust it since you just had CM surgery. Definitely call your NS and get him to order your MRI. You don't have to have an appointment for this to happen. Marriages are tough without an illness to deal with. I pray God will ease your burdens.



How are you doing?? In my thoughts and prayers....keep us posted.



Just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts and I'm hoping you've gotten some relief!


Hello everyone,
Well I still haven’t passed the kidney stone yet. My back pain has eased up somewhat.
When I last seen my NS on the 30th of January I told him about my sx’s and he kept saying I needed to exercise my arms and back cause he thinks it’s muscle weakness. He showed me some exercises. Some of them involved lifting my arms overhead em which I didn’t think u were supposed to do nor can I do because it hurts to lift them above my head.
@ Lori, I have no idea what a plant diet is. LOL he said to lose weight. I am only 40 lbs overweight so it’s not like I am morbidly obese.
My husband is ready to leave me because I can’t work and I am still appealing disability. He honestly could care less about me or my boys. Their not his so he doesn’t care or understand how much it would hurt them if we split up. Honestly I am ready to leave! He keeps me stressed and worried and mad all the time and I have gave 110% in our marriage and I have tried soooo hard but I am completely drained physically and mentally. I have no where to go. Can’t stay with my mom there is no homeless shelter and the domestic shelter won’t take me because he hasn’t physically abused me. He however has 2 brothers he can stay with and a job to get a hotel room if need be. So basically I am screwed! I could sooo just take a bunch of pills go to sleep and never wake up! I am tired of hurting physically and emotionally and just want the pain to end. How can I be there for my boys when I can’t even care for myself?
Oh and I just found out I have severe obstructive sleep apnea and will need a CPAP machine.
I am sorry to sound so negative but I am literally at the end of my rope.
Thanks to everyone on here for the support you have given me. It truly means the world to me.
Love and Gentle hugs,

Abby said:


Bless you hon. Stress is the last thing you need in recovery. I pray that things improve for you.

What is a plant diet anyway? Kidney stone, that hurts! I have heard that is like having a baby. Have you passed it yet?

Please know we are here for you. Your back problem might be nerve related, so I would be asking questions.

Tara, please take care and let us know how you are. Praying for you and knowing others understand is sometimes the best medicine we could get.

God BLess, Hugs, and Many Prayers.



I am so sorry that you are in such a difficult place right now. I can honestly say I understand the frustrations you feel with symptoms, unrelated medical complications, and a difficult marriage on top of everything else. I even understand the desire to want to sleep and never wake up. I wish there were some magic pill you could take that would make everything better. But unfortunately, we live in the real world where that doesn't happen. I know that right now it feels like the ceiling is about to fall on your head but someday this will be just a memory.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to find some outlet for all of your frustrations. For me, post surgery it was journaling, counseling and remembering that I can only deal with one issue at a time. It kept me in focus and working toward the best life I could lead. I had to redefine 'normal.' There are no easy answers but there is plenty of great support here.

I'll keep you in my prayers.

Hi Tara. My heart goes out to you! Sending gentle hugs and kisses your way. Its tough enough handling your illnesses on top of the possibility of a break up. I'm so sorry for your anguish. Just try and focus on one thing at a time. Easier said than done I'm sure. I've been multi-tasking illnesses on top of chiari myself. I too had a kidney stone 3 wks ago (it passed thank God). Couldn't urinate either. Apparently I have a neurogenic bladder. The brain and the bladder aren't jiving well. Little better now. I do hope you and your husband can work things out.


Christine XOXO

The pain between your shoulders will pass, give it some time,

It's been just over a year since my surgery and i went and got a few massages,

and they work MIRACLES, you get to relax and melt away the stress, indulge yourself by the sounds of it you deserve it!

My relationship ended once i had surgery as well, just remember how strong you are, and all that you've been through will continue to make you a stronger, better person! I'm curious as well to know what a plant diet is! :)

Stay Positive Tara <3